Meet The Team

Team PhotoWhat do we achieve? High Standards. 

What do we seek to achieve? Even Higher Standards.


Royston Graeme Hine
A qualified master butcher with over 50 years’ experience in the food industry in the UK and internationally. He acquired the Pangbourne shop in February 1988 and although retaining the name Green’s, completely refurnished the interior and reequipped. Having installed the standards and systems originally, one of his roles currently is to ensure that the operating principles which led to the business success are maintained.

Philip Andrew Cripps
A qualified master chef, trained by Trusthouse Forte and Paul Bocuse. A son-in-law to Royston, he joined him for the experience in September 1990 and decided to stay. Currently fulfilling the role of head chef and overall on-site director, Philip is the creator of our fantastic range of award winning pies and our other cooked products.

Paul Polaszewski
A master butcher with over 30 years’experience, including previously running his own shop. Paul is a natural when it comes to customer service so a lot of his time is looking after “the front of house”, but he also plays a role in order production. He is highly regarded by his colleagues and is a firm favourite with our customers.

Christopher Cripps
A young master butcher and a champion sausage maker who now has over 18 years’ experience. Christopher’s role is very flexible, varying from counter service, where he is very popular, to prep room production and sausage making. As his grandfather’s understudy his role continues to develop and now includes the daily link on procurement. He is not only a craftsman but also plays an important role in our increasing use of information technology behind the scenes.

Michael Cripps
Our young chef and another grandson who opted to understudy his father Philip and specialise in the cooking side of the business. With over 16 years’ experience, he does a lot of the cooking but also plays a role in counter service, where he assists customers with choice and gives them advice on cooking.

David Bailey
Our pastry products technician who has the important task of constructing/filling hundreds of pies and pastry products every week, including all the sausage rolls and beef/chicken wellingtons. David operates in a totally separate preparation area at the rear so is seldom seen by customers in the shop. Since joining us in July 2005, he has really made the pastry product side of our business his special niche.

Lewis Collins
One of our trainee butchers who is now within the meat industry classified as an “improver” which means he has mastered the basics and is learning the finer points as he hones and polishes up his skills. Lewis is a success story for our practice of always having half a dozen part time student casuals who assist with cleaning etc. twice a week after school and Saturdays (i.e. the traditional Saturday boy). We are always on the lookout for any that are interested and show potential to become full team members and learn the arts and mystery of our craft. Lewis has now been with us for six years.
Tricia Frost
Our lady in the desk. Having spent many years as a legal secretary, we were delighted when the opportunity arose and Trish joined us. Having worked/lived her entire life in Pangbourne, she is a mine of information about West Berkshire and many of the characters who inhabit the village and surrounding area.

Other Team Members
We have two part time drivers, two part time administrators and further bolster the team every December by bringing back staff we have trained in the past, who now pursue other careers but take time off to assist us and be involved in what we call the “Christmas buzz” at Green’s.

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