Sausage Rolls / Pasties

Sausage Rolls / Pasties

Sausage Rolls

Green’s sausage roll, puff pastry surrounds prime sausage meat made by hand here in Pangbourne using fine quality free-range pork and seasonings. 2 varieties are available, traditional sausage roll or pork, apricot & chilli sausage roll. Like the pies these are available either cooked or green.


Greens pasties are made fresh using delicious light shortcrust pastry encasing a generous filling of fresh meat and vegetables. Also suitable for vegetarians, we make a cheese and onion pasty. As with the other pastry products both available cooked or green.

Scotch Eggs

Our Scotch eggs feature free-range pork, firm and carefully seasoned, around a free-range hard-boiled egg, crumbed and deep fried till crispy. For something different have you tried one of our award winning chorizo scotch eggs, made the same way but featuring a spicy chorizo sausage meat around the free range egg.

Cold Eating Pies

  • pork pie – large & small
  • pork & egg pie
  • chicken & ham pie

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