Starting with fine free-range English pork, it’s a ten-stage process to get the finest bacon you’ll ever taste to your plate. Top quality pork is cut and boned and de rinded. Cuts from the loin are used to make back bacon and the prime part from the belly makes streaky. Green’s secret dry-cure is then applied by hand ensuring all the meat is cured. This is then dry-cured for a week, turning daily for even curing. Excess natural liquid drained off and left to dry over night. The bacon is vacuum-sealed to allow curing to complete and the product to mature. At this stage some of the bacon would be smoked. Paul Polaszewski is our specialist in bacon smoking – different woods impart different flavours, currently we smoke with cherry and maple wood. The bacon is then sliced and ready to sell in the shop.

  • Green Back
  • Cherry Smoked Back
  • Maple Smoked Back
  • Green Streaky
  • Cherry Smoked Streaky

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