COVID-19 update – Friday 15th January – temporary store closure

COVID-19 update – Friday 15th January – temporary store closure

Dear Customers,

After months of providing additional services to support the community, it had been devastating to us to have to suspend all services.

As a 5 star business, we have always had standards of hygiene, etc. well in excess of legal requirements, yet somehow and we will never know how, we were infected.

The only thing we do know is that Michael, Christopher, and myself are only still with you thanks to the wonderful NHS and Royal Berkshire Hospital in particular, who saved our lives.

Having done everything to start a recovery programme, those members of our team who are physically fit, are working on product stock building (pies, etc.) with a view to reopening as soon as possible. However, to do so, we need the most key players back and able to physically cope with their work.

We will advise a reopening date and recommencement of home deliveries very soon.

Meanwhile, we appeal to everybody to strictly follow all the guidelines and to support the NHS in any way you can.

Finally, THANK YOU all for the messages of support received.

Royston G. Hine J.P. F. Inst. M.

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