Good old fashioned Pork, naturally bred and free-range, with a bit of fat covering, to give some real crackling. People come back time and again for Green’s pork. They appreciate the taste and texture – and the knowledge that the pigs have led happy outdoor lives in the fields of Berkshire and Hampshire. So, if you want pork with the quality, the taste, and the clear conscience which comes from real free-range pigs born and nurtured in the English countryside then it has to be Green’s.


  • Leg
  • Spare Rib
  • Loin
  • Belly
  • Nigella i.e. whole fore end (shoulder named after a Nigella recipe)

Chops & Steaks:

  • Loin Chops
  • Steaks
  • Ribs
  • Tenderloin/Fillet
  • Spare Rib Chops

Slow Cook:

  • Diced
  • Belly
  • Spare Rib
  • Hand
  • Mince

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